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Frequently asked questions:

1. Can I send a gift, which is not included in your shopping cart? 
Yes, You can send a gift, which is not included in our Florists Web Stores. We shall promptly get back you after we had touch with our associated web stores and how you can pay for it to place an order. You may contact for
Products / Custom product info to :

2. How can I make the payment? 
You can make the payment by Credit Card all Visa, Master, Diners, Discover, Amex, JCB and PayPal. Further option you may visit at

3. Which credit cards does accept? accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards etc.

4. Is my credit card number is secured?
All transactions are secured, powered by CCNow, Which is our Authorized web retailer an US based organization. Which transacts all transactions on ultra high Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The credit card information never comes to us. Our Florists just get the payment receipt information. CGI script capable of processing Credit Card transactions insuring that the information is encrypted before it is transmitted.

5. How do I feel sure that you have correctly registered the order placed? 
After you have placed the order, you will get an E-mail confirming each order registered with us. Please check your E-mails and in the event you want any correction, please get in touch. Recommended to copy to us the order copy immediately if deliveries on same day basis. 

6. Are the items delivered as per the display on WebPages? 
There may be some variation in the gifts especially in perishable items like cakes, chocolates and flowers. Generally the gifts will be similar to the pictures on the web. They will definitely match or exceed all the specifications in terms of weight, size, count and functionality. Flowers specified in the arrangements shown may differ as per seasonal availability. If the flowers specified in the arrangements are not available, suitable alternatives will be used. 

7. How much time do you take to deliver after the payment has been made? 
More countries have same day florists delivery. And some countries do have next day delivery. Please check with the main page the countries are listed services to dame day and next-day.

8. Do you have same day deliveries? 
All orders will send for deliveries after the Credit card payment made successful. You are requested to visit at for order status. If the order status is showing "Status Code # 21 Awaiting for Batch processing"; the order is still awaiting for Credit Card Clearance. When the order status Code Change to  # 50 Charge Successful awaiting Shipment we consider the time of changing this process for same day deliveries. However Order status code is to be # 50 before at 8.00 am (destination Country time). More countries have same day florists delivery. And some countries do have next day delivery. Please check with the main page the countries are listed services to dame day and next-day.

9. Where can you deliver?
Home page has details of the countries and related pages lists of cities serviced.

10. What is the mode of delivery? 
Delivery goes through your local city florist.

11. How do I know that gift has been delivered?  
Web Stores send you an e-mail confirming delivery after it has been done. or You may visit at

12. Can I send some message with the gift? 
Yes, you can send your message with the gift. Most of our web stores will send your message at free of cost in a greeting card along with the gift  

13. Are there any hidden costs such as delivery charges, taxes etc.?
Yes. the service and packaging fees, which is not refundable. You may find the fees while shopping cart.

14. Do you deliver on Sundays?
Please check with the related web store's. Some western countries do not have services on Sundays and Gulf countries on Fridays.

15. What is your refund policy?
Unable to locate the recipient's "correct" address. The delivered flowers quality is poor.
The order has not been delivered due to our fault. Guarantee will not apply (FULL charges will be applied) if: Given Insufficient or Wrong information e.g recipient telephone number, name or address etc by You. Recipient cannot be reached when delivering to places like Hospitals, Hotels, Arriving/Departing ships or plane etc

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